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Financial and corporate

Pan-Baltic firm Cobalt established has an office in Vilnius. It also has branches in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, and employs more than 200 lawyers in total.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has experience in advising mainly foreign clients in banking, corporate and M&A, and in project development practice areas.

In banking and finance, it has a track-record of advising international lenders, borrowers and institutional investors on cross-border transactions such as financings and funds on establishing entities in the country.  

In corporate and M&A it represents mostly international investors in their roles of buyers and sellers in mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings in various industries, from infrastructure to fin-tech.

In project development the firm advises foreign investors and developers as well as Lithuanian developers on PPP projects as well as on private projects in a range of sectors, including energy and social infrastructure.


Key clients

Among the firm’s notable clients are Luminor Bank, SEB life insurance companies, SEB, Swedbank, Citadele, EBRD, European Investment Bank, Sezzle, Practica Capital, B4Payment GmbH (SEPAexpress), Parkdema, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), Nordic Investment Bank, Sberbank Europe and Factris.


Research period review: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

The firm has been active in banking and finance, capital markets, corporate and M&A and project development. 

In banking and finance the firm worked on behalf of mostly lenders but it also advised borrowers on financing, syndicated lending and project financing. A significant part of its work is providing financial services regulatory advice on establishing entities and obtaining licences to clients in e-payments services, insurance and investment funds. 

In capital markets it advised issuers, investors and acquirers on bond issues, sale of receivables, and sale of shares.

In corporate and M&A it advised sellers, buyers, acquirers and investors on sales of shares, public takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. It was particularly active in the financial services sector as well as in agriculture, technology and healthcare. 

In project development the firm advised both developers and investors on PPPs, concessions, land acquisitions and on design and implementation of projects in energy, social infrastructure, transport and renewable energy. 

Recent hires include Robertas Grabys and Agnė Kaminskienė, an associate and a senior associate in project finance, capital markets, and financial services regulatory, who were hired from, respectively, PwC and the banking sector. In project development the firm hired Andrius Kazlauskas, an expert in construction with an experience working in transport infrastructure construction companies in the Baltics. 

Recent departures include Justina Milašauskienė, a senior associate in banking and finance.


Deal highlights: 31st edition (2020/2021)  

Baltcap’s acquisition of Baltic Ticket Holdings 

Luminor Bank €500 million covered bond issue 

Queen Morta School 

Vilnius Connect 

VMG €86 million financing 


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Capital markets                     

"Full engagement with the clients."



"Assisted with efficient and constructive advice in connection with entering into a valid Lithuanian law sale and purchase agreement and the Lithuanian notarial process required to enter into a binding agreement for the sale and purchase of a Lithuanian company. "

"Business-oriented approach, close cooperation with Latvian and Estonian branches to give comprehensive feedback."

"Dr Rimas and Cobalt assisted us in a timely and efficient manner during legal due diligence work. The project was of a sensitive and time challenging nature. The Cobalt team led by Dr Rimas did a great job assisting us in what resulted in a successful transaction executed by the client."

"Professionalism; diligence; client focused; involvement from senior partners."


Project development : Energy                      

"Extremely knowledgeable on Lithuanian law; well connected to authorities; large personal engagement with the client."


Elijus Burgis  

"Hands-on, practical and pragmatic approach. Completing the deal is the most important. "


Eva Suduiko  

"Professional, efficient and constructive. Provided solution-oriented advice. "


Janusz Strankowski 

"Great business approach; professional attitude to clients; exceptional knowledge about the procedure before governmental bodies. "


Juozas Rimas

"Efficient, responsive, in-depth knowledge of M&A work."

"Open and pro-client approach; business oriented."


Paulius Markovas     

"Always interested and extremely knowledgeable. Quick responses."


Pan-Baltic firm Walless was established in late 2018 in Lithuania by a spin-off of around 30 lawyers from Ellex Valiunas. The firm has grown rapidly and now has a network also including branches in Riga, Tallinn and Tartu.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has a track record of deals in banking and finance, corporate and M&A, and in project development.

In banking and finance it has a track record in advising mostly foreign banks and private equity funds but also large Lithuanian companies – as lenders and as borrowers – on obtaining licensees, financings and acquisition financings.

In corporate and M&A it advises foreign clients from all over Europe on ranging from acquisitions of assets to cross-border joint ventures in all industries.

In project development it advises developers and also contractors on acquisition of land and renewable energy plants, concessions, and on the development and implementation of projects in energy, renewable energy and social infrastructure.


Key clients

Among their clients are BNP Paribas, JP Morgan and Luminor bank, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Swedbank, ING Bank, Jyske Bank Pareto Securities, Nordic Trustee, BLender group, INVEGA, Affidea, Rimi, Lideta, Meag, Modus Group, Telia, Lietuva, and Lords LB Asset Management.


Research period review: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

The firm has been active in banking and finance, capital markets, corporate and M&A, and project development. 

In banking and finance it advised both borrowers and lender on financing, restructuring, project finance and provides financial services regulatory on establishing and on obtaining licences for banking services and fintech entities. 

In capital markets it advised lenders, joint-managers, joint bookrunners and issuers on securitisations, IPOs, and bonds, and on regulatory matters. 

In corporate and M&A it worked on acquisitions and sales as well as on special acquisitions in the banking sector. It advised buyers and sellers in various sectors including banking, financial services, technology, and food and beverages. 

In project development it worked on tenders, concessions, EPC contracts, PPAs, and general contracts and on the implementation of projects in energy, transport, renewables energy, social infrastructure, and IT. It advised developers and contractors.


Deal highlights: 31st edition (2020/2021)  

Avolon $620 million bond issue 

Electrification of Vilnius-Klaipeda railway 

Idavang €84 million refinancing 

Ignitis Group €300 million bond issue 

Ignitis Group IPO 

Lords LB Baltic Green Fund €33 million acquisition of IBC Business Centre 

Multifunctional Complex concession 

Novus Group $100 million financing 

Otravo €135 million debt restructuring


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)


"Professional expertise. Project management. Communications."


Banking and finance

"Quality and knowledge - creative solutions - speed of answers."

"Walless' banking & finance team is probably the best in town in terms of experience, quality of output and sheer ability to process large volumes of transaction-related documentation."


Capital markets

"Broad view, out-of-the-box solutions."


"Very professional, no empty talking, achieve the raised goals, find solutions."


Capital markets : Debt

"They are very attentive and skilled. The documentation and input provided was of high quality and we felt that we were in safe hands. "



"Constructive, to the point, find solutions fast."

"Good communication, fast delivery, in-depth knowledge of the business inside out, competent advisers."

"Professional, humble, top personalities."

"Professionalism, practice in the field. Good communication skills."

"Professionalism, structured and very clear approach. The firm very well understood the interest and the target of the sellers and led the negotiation until the closure of the deal. Managing partner understood the need and appointed the partner with the exactly needed competence and skills for that type of deal to be closed. High level of confidence that the deal will be closed within the agreed terms and time was comfortable throughout the process. "

"Result-oriented, inventive, good at negotiating."

"The firm goes beyond only providing legal advice and acts as a full fledged adviser, with whom one can discuss negotiation tactics, next process steps, as well as have a view on the whole portfolio and not only a particular transaction."

"They have deal-making attitude, while at the same time trying to mitigate all risks. "

"Understands the client's needs and business. Delivers in time. Excellent quality work. "

"Very experienced, professional and helpful in negotiations with the buyer and structuring legal aspects of M&A deal."

"Walless is a firm of highly professional experts, always responsive, always creative, having deep knowledge of our business. We deem them a partner, not a simple service provider. "

"Walless' team is a team of highly professional experts, having deep knowledge of our business, always quickly responding with creative solutions when necessary. Walless is our partner, not just the simple service provider. We feel safe and taken care of when we have them on board. "



"Deep knowledge of the subject, at least two litigation strategies were presented."


Private equity

"Very well informed about the market, biz-oriented, right to the point, punctual and stayed in budget."


Project development

"Walless care with a great attitude, take a versatile approach to the issue, evaluate possible actions."


Arturas Grimaila            

"Self-starter, good command of the law, innovative solutions, responsive. "


Dovile Burgiene             

"Experience, commitment to client success."

"Excellent and the best project manager, problem-solver, the one whom we can always trust and rely on."

"She is the best project manager and lead you can think off. The most complex projects with shortest deadlines are the ones that only Dovile can cope with. "

"Creativity, outside-the-box solutions, proactivity, good knowledge of the market/key players in Lithuania, go-getter attitude."

"Everything is excellent! "

"Inventive, good at negotiating."

"Professional, high knowledge, solution-driven. Nice person to spend a late night Zoom meeting with. Hard-working."



Enrika Tamasauskaite

"Attentive to matters, hands-on, very high quality of feedback. "


Gediminas Reciunas

"Attentive and skilled."

"Gediminas is the go-to B&F lawyer in Vilnius, capable of rendering top-quality advice and coordinating top-quality work in financial institution M&A, capital markets deals as well as complex private financing transactions across all sectors."

"Professional expertise. Communications."


Indre Jonaityte-Grice

"Knowledge of the industry, accessibility, meeting deadlines, knowledge of legal matters. "


Joana Baublyte-Kulviete

"Good knowledge, finding solutions, not pushy."

"Almost everything."


Laura Ziferman

"Highly competent, available at any time of the day. "

"She is very responsible, attentive and reliable."


Lina Radaviciene

"Experience, knowledge, customer support. "


Mindaugas Lukas

"Mindaugas is the best international tax expert in Lithuania. None of the bigger projects are being done without his participation. Mindaugas has incomparable creative thinking and the ability to transform very complex and difficult issues into simple solutions that works."

"None of the bigger projects are done without involvement of Mindaugas Lukas. He is definitely the best international tax expert in Lithuania, having incomparable creative thinking and always proposing simple solutions that work."


Povilas Zukauskas         

"Almost everything."

"Active listening and in-depth understanding of the client, its business and situation. "

"Communication skills and experience."

"Confidence, experience, communication during the process, cooperation and support."

"Povilas always does the maximum to meet the client's needs. He is very attentive to detail and knows how to concentrate and prioritise even when deals are very complicated and require multitasking. Stress does not put him off track. "



The “Big four” professional services firm Deloitte has a cross-border presence in Europe and the Baltic. Its legal arm Deloitte Legal services clients in Lithuania out of an office in Vilnius.


Focuses / specialisms

The banking and finance team has an extensive track record in Lithuania advising on all transactional finance areas, including traditional loan facilities, work- outs and alternative restructuring options, regulatory compliance, FinTech and Blockchain, and cross- border insurance legal matters.

In M&A the firm advises across such sectors of the Lithuanian economy as energy, manufacturing, construction, retail, distribution, health, IT and transportation. It is well versed in both buy and sell side advice, with impressive cross-jurisdictional capabilities.


Key clients

Key clients include Aurora Cannabis, Alcon, BHG Group, Hoerbiger, Unilever, Pelion, Biovela Group, Moller Auto, Krone, Johnson&Johnson, Peek&Cloppenburg, Fedex/TNT, Siemens Gamesa, Lonas, Capitallbank, Lithuanian National Radio and Television, Invest Lithuania, Happymagenta and Anvalda.

Ecovis ProventusLaw

Vilnius headquartered law firm Ecovis ProventusLaw is part of the global consulting group Ecovis International.


Focuses / specialisms

Banking is a key area of specialism, with the team assisting financial institutions and FinTech companies in licensing and regulatory compliance.

The firm is also active in private and public M&A, division or asset sales, reorganisations and private equity. Venture capital transactions. Areas of sectoral focus include financial services and TMT.


Key clients

Key clients include Lautra Motors, Mobiliųjų telefonų techninis centras, CGI Lithuania, Binance, NIUM, Sonect Europe, Travel Union, Mano bankas,TransferGo, Binance, Contis Group, NIUM, Sonect, Sezzle, Travel Union and TransferGo.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Banking and finance

"Quick and qualified advice/support."



"Ecovis was the first law firm starting to work together with public sector building fintech ecosystem in Lithuania. They have best access to the market information including EMI companies' sale deals and can provide best advice for the buyer and seller of a fintech firm in Lithuanian market."

Ellex Valiunas

Established 30 years ago Ellex Valiunas is a Baltic law firm with offices in Riga, Tallin and Vilnius.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm has an excellent offering in all financial and corporate areas in Lithuania.

Its banking team covers the full extent of banking work including financing transactions, financial regulatory and compliance and money laundering and terrorist financing prevention. The firm is often selected to advise large international banks and is widely recognised for its vast experience in the area.

The team is active in debt capital markets, as well, where recent engagements have included bond issuances and securitisation work.

Its M&A practice is among the top in Lithuania both in terms of deal volume and profile of transactions. It is frequently seen on the largest and most sophisticated M&A deals in Central and Eastern Europe.

In projects the firm is involved in the development of some of the most complex Lithuanian and regional projects. Its lawyers are highly experienced in PPP, energy and construction/ real estate work and provide comprehensive legal support to all aspects of projects.


Key clients

Key clients include BNP Paribas, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING Bank, Nordic Investment Bank, Visa Inc. and Visa International Service Association, J.P. Morgan, Windfarm Akmene One/ Two, Ignitis, Baltpool, Idex Baltic, Fortum and Veolia Group.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Bank lending : Borrower side

"A lot of extra value-added - quick turnaround of information - adaptation to changing set-up - broad expertise in law (even outside the financing)."


Banking and finance

"Law firm is professional, business-oriented and responsive."

"Quick response times. No unnecessary mark-ups corrections - all remarks kept to minimum. Business-oriented legal advice, not just plain legal counsel."

"Wide range of legal expertise not only in banking-related matters. "


Capital markets : Equity

"Reliable, fast, diligent, knowledgeable."


Capital markets : Debt

"We did not have any difficulties that could have affected our continued trust and confidence with Ellex team. As always, the lawyers worked as trusted strategic partners at law: efficiently, closely with the client and showed the highest qualification. "


Financial services regulatory

"Ellex demonstrated leadership and confidence in all aspects of the project and showed expertise in every area where input was required. "



"Dependable and comprehensive, Ellex has successfully guided us through the acquisition process, which was our first one in Lithuania. The advice was balanced and allowed us to make informed decisions on how to finalise our acquisition contract which was negotiated with another major firm in Lithuania. Also showed some flexibility in finding solutions to make the deal."

"Fast, professional, competent."

"Very high-quality consultations and contracts."


Project development

"React quickly - provide required assistance - ask for follow-up - offer related services."

"Customer service is superb, attention to detail, understanding the background and situation, going very deep into details, security that nothing is missed out. I really feel that we are in the hands of the best professionals in our region. Delivery speed is above expectation - no matter weekday or weekend - they always support you."


Project development : Energy

"I found Ellex Valiunas to be a very professional law company, which has in-depth knowledge of the project and is able to provide insightful and action-oriented assistance."


Eversheds Saladžius

Eversheds Saladžius is a Lithuanian business law firm and a member of Eversheds Sutherland International – one of the largest full-service law firms in the world.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm’s banking team assists clients, both borrowers and lenders, on various types of financing transactions and supports the creation and implementation of new financial products in Lithuania.

In corporate work the firm is also active, advising large international and local companies on M&A, disposals and joint ventures. The firm also provides routine corporate supports for many multinational companies in Lithuania.

In projects the firm specialises predominantly in energy sector work, with its lawyers possessing experience in supporting oil, gas, LNG, electricity, nuclear and renewable energy projects.


Key clients

The firm’s notable clients list features international and domestic businesses, both large financial institutions and corporates.


 Fort is a Baltic law firm with offices in Tallin, Vilnius and Riga. The firm has been in business since 2013.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm has key competencies in banking, M&A and project development.

In M&A the firm has distinct focus on real estate sector transactions, as well as work in TMT, financial services and agriculture where the firm has specific knowledge on activity and regulation.

In the projects space the firm has experience in the real estate and energy sector (especially related to renewable energy).


Key clients

Key clients include EfTEN Capital, IDAVANG, Mogo Finance, Newsec, Capital Mill, Convergen Energy, Colliers International Advisors, Ferratum Bank, Hansabuss, Kapitel, LNK Industries, Rotermann Group, Sodra Mežs and Spire Baltic.


Glimstedt is an international law firm with 14 offices in Sweden and three in the Baltic states, including an office in Vilnius.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm has a broad- ranging banking and capital markets practice capable of representing all sides of the table- from financial institutions and investment banks to borrowers and fundraisers.

Its M&A team is known for large and medium tickets deals. The firm is highly active in private equity and venture capital investments, as well as the formation of regulated and non- regulated funds.

Key specialties within the projects space, where the firm is also highly active, include PPP and PFI, ESCO and energy efficiency, public and social infrastructure, transport, power and state- aid.


Key clients

Key clients include General Electric, Ministry of Energy, European Investment Bank, European Energy Efficiency Fund, Eika Group, Neste, Swarco, Q-Free, Continental Automotive Lithuania, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Mastercard, Generali, Schneider Electric, Beijerinvest, Centerbridge Partners, Apollo, General Electric, Komunalkredit and Eiffel Investment Group.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Capital markets

"I admire their precision, speed and legal courage. They are never vague with their advice, which is rare in the legal world."


Financial services regulatory

"Very accessible when in need for services. Good output for the money spent. Wide range of services, taking tasks which might be new for their firm."


Investment funds

"The team was flexible, attentive to details and showed great experience in the field."

"Proactivity. Right to the point. Fast response."


Investment funds: Private equity funds

"Quick response, competent answers, support in wide range of legal issues."



"Highly professional, wide variety of skill distribution between partners."

"Highly-skilled professionals whose know-how and insight in mergers & acquisitions were truly beneficial to us."

"The team members are competent, experts in the fields that they practice, hard-working, flexible, provide services in timely manner, have high standards of work, are very business-oriented and have a client-focused approach. "


Private equity

"The law firm's team members are competent, experts in the private equity field, hard-working, flexible, provide services in timely manner, have high standards of work and have a client-focused approach. "


Project development

"I like their broad expertise, which helps them to speak business language."



"Work was done very precisely as always, fast and in high quality. "

Leadell Balčiūnas & Grajauskas

Leadell is an alliance of three law firm operating in the Baltic region. Leadell Balčiūnas & Grajauskas services clients from an office in Vilnius.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm is active in banking, M&A and project development. The firm’s projects practice has been an area of priority, and strengthening, with the team representing some of the top players in the Lithuanian energy, transport and oil and gas sector.


Key clients

Key clients Achema Gas Trade, Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija, Klaipėda, Renerga, Unifiedpost, AB Danske Bank, Roche Lietuva, Concern Achemos Grupė and Agrochema.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Private equity

"Fast, professional, competent."


Primus is a business law firm with offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The firm operates as Derlin Primus in Estonia and Primus in Latvia and Lithuania.


Focuses / specialisms

Banking, M&A and project development are the firm’s key financial and corporate areas of specialisation in Lithuania.

In banking the firm’s coverage is diverse including advice to local lenders and borrowers on financing transactions (including project finance), regulatory and compliance, investment funds advisory and transactional work, financial restructuring and private bond placements.

In M&A the firm advises on all types of public transactions, including LBOs, MBOs, reverse buyouts, joint ventures, spin-offs, as well as private equity matters.

The projects team, which is an area of relative strength for the firm, is especially strong in energy and power, mining, telecommunications, transport and social infrastructure.


Key clients

The firm’s notable clientele includes the likes of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, PKP Energetyka, RAFAKO, Siauliu bankas, Siauliu banko investiciju valdymas, Citadele bank, Bank GPB International, DIFF Assets, Visa, Rabobank and Raiffeisen Leasing.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Banking and finance

"They are professional, responsive and client-oriented."

"They are very professional, responsive and business-oriented."


Investment funds

"Timely providing information with all required considerations."


Investment funds: Real estate funds

"Primus legal team headed by Ernesta Ziogiene demonstrates a business-minded approach, looking to the client's goal, is dedicated and determined in their work."



"Superb client service, very professional, solution oriented"

"Very professional, solution-oriented team."

"Experience, knowledge, good attitude to problem solving. I would definitely recommend them for other M&A transactions. And they offered a good price for their services."


Private equity

"Listens and are flexible."



"We received well-prepared documents, advice and follow-up plan for this project. Also constant follow-up on arising questions and situations, feedback after the project."


Restructuring : Bond holder and fund representation

"All consultations were professional and very fast."


Sorainen is a multinational business law firm with a presence in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The firm was established in 1995.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm is highly rated across all financial and corporate areas in Lithuania.

Its standalone finance and insurance practice covers all areas of financial services. A distinguishing feature of the firm in the space is its experience in supporting innovative financial services such as P2P lending, non-bank payments and lending, e-money, consumer credit and green finance.

In capital markets the firm’s top-notch market offering is broad covering all types of equity and debt offerings and other transactions in the space.

In M&A the firm advises on the broad spectrum of corporate work- from internal corporate structures and shareholder relations to acquisitions and sale of business mandates to private and venture capital investments. The firm’s offering spans several sectors and is among the best in the market.

Project development is also an area of strength and focus for the firm. Each year the firm features on some of the most significant projects in energy, transport and logistics and telecommunications.


Key clients

The firm’s key clients include PPG, Bitė Group, Polhem Infra, Ignitis Group, Mondelez, Vienna Insurance Group, KPMG Sweden, EBRD, Enerstena, State Aid Fund for Business, BNP Paribas, Citi, Erste Group, Invega, Verse Payments Lithuania and Luminor Bank.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)


"Responsiveness, quality of work."


Banking and finance

"Sorainen is an exceptionally innovative law firm, willing to go above and beyond to find the best solution for their clients. They also never shy away from new opportunities that challenge the status quo of the market."

"They are experienced, have the right competences, cover all relevant aspects, and not least a business approach to the legal framework. They have fast become a trusted sparring partner without losing their ability to challenge us."


Capital markets

"In-depth consultations on insurance sector regulation (while we are experts of capital market sector regulation); consultations on possible tax impacts."


Capital markets : Equity

"Services are provided by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field, focused on customer needs, professionally assess transaction risks."



"Consistent, thorough, professional, client-oriented."

"Good communication and reaction times. Flexibility. Willingness to help."

"The Sorainen team was very supportive throughout the process, highly responsive and attentive to the client's needs in the context of the transaction."

"Strong negotiation skills, high professional skills."


Project development

"Great expertise in the field we're dealing with; proactive, supportive every time we have dealings."


Restructuring : Corporate

"Out-of-the-box approach."

TGS Baltic

TGS Baltic is an international law firm with extensive operations in the Baltic region. The firm, formed in 1991, has offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga and Vilnius.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm has market leading capabilities in financial and corporate work in Lithuania.

In banking the firm advises businesses, governments, EU institutions, as well as all major Baltic financial institutions and international banks. The firm has a top drawer offering in a broad spectrum of domains from financing and borrower due diligence to marquee debt restructuring work.

Capital markets, both equity and debt, represent another key area of strength for the firm. The team advises on top level domestic and cross-border IPOs, SPOs and debt instrument offerings and listings on a regular basis.

The M&A team advises on all aspects of buy and sell side mandates and has a market leading offering in the space.

The firm advises through the whole life cycle of the development of projects. Key areas of strength and focus include real estate, environment and energy, with the firm securing top mandates each research cycle.


Key clients

Key clients include The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, The Bank of Lithuania, The State Aid Fund for Business, Ignitis Group, Avia Solutions Group, Auga Group, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The bank of Lithuania, ING Group, SEB bank, Swedbank, The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Public institution Lithuanian National Radio and Television, Vilnius university, AmerisourceBergen, Opera Limited, Maxima Group and Šiaulių bankas.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Asset finance

"Always offered several solutions to the problem, each issue was examined by a group of several specialists, who proposed a solution to the problem in a timely and appropriate form."



"The law firm takes the assignments with positivity, can-do attitude and business approach. "

"Competence, timing."

"Delivered on time and good quality. Good professionals."


Banking and finance

"They have extremely good expertise in the field of banking, they always are willing to help and consult, flexibly adapt to the client's needs to perform work immediately."


Capital markets : Debt

"Extensive experience - fast and productive - innovative custom-made solutions - deep knowledge of the regulatory side."

"Our experience with TGS lawyers is very good so far, they always provide us with professional advice."

"We have chosen TGS Baltic for bonds issuance as well as for many more projects due to their significant track record in capital markets, client business-oriented mindset and efficiency. During the whole process they not only provided quality support when needed, but also acted proactively by offering useful insights and proposing unconventional solutions to arising issues. Now when the project is completed, I can state that, as always, the team managed the project excellently and provided us with a quality service."


Capital markets : Equity

"Great experts, extensive experience, speed, attention to details, very good project management."


Investment funds

"We are confident with their knowledge and experience of the field and they are very well perceived by the regulator. Good contacts with offices in LV and EE."


Investment funds: Private equity funds

"Strong knowledge in public procurement."



"Client-oriented, flexible, timing."

"Fully assesses risks and makes rational proposals for risk reduction and elimination."

"Very practical and business-oriented, understands not only legal side but commercial side and goals of the business as well. Great asset in M&A negotiations."


Project development

"Business advice and strategic focus. Great availability and very time-oriented. We had all the advice required and even more. "

"What makes them unique is their ability to effectively address the most complex legal issues as well as to advise on a wide variety of real estate topics, including land law, territorial planning, construction, permits, rent, assessment of risks, disputes, and many others. TGS Baltic is our legal one-stop shop and we highly appreciate it. "


Project development : Energy

"The TGS Baltic team is experienced, well organised and easy to work with. I would say, with respect to energy law, TGS Baltic lawyers are currently the most experienced lawyers in the Lithuanian legal market. They are ready to tackle complex legal problems and often look for innovative ways to address sophisticated situations."


Bank lending : Lender side

"TGS Baltic's positive attributes are: availability, competence, knowledge in banking field, easy communication."


Restructuring : Corporate

"Good attention to client needs, perfect quality."


Triniti is a pan-Baltic law firm. It operates in Lithuania from a Vilnius office.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm is active in several financial and commercial areas including banking, capital markets, M&A and project development.


Key clients

Key clients include Idex INFRA, Jiangsu Linyang Energy, Utilitas, Nordic Idea, JSC Alpra, Biomatter Designs, Eddy Travels, Millo Appliances, Droplet Genomics, Deutsche Bahn International, Utilitas, Jiangsu Linyang Energy, Budimex, Eesti Energia, RAFAKO, Idex and AXIS Tech.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)


"They help many young start-up companies and therefore know well what agreements must be in place and prepare them for us quickly."