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Financial and corporate
BLC Law Office

BLC Law Office is a full service Georgian firm established in 2000. It has offices in Tbilisi and Butami.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm provides full-legal services across all practice area, including banking and finance, capital markets: debt and equity, corporate and M&A. It has experience working with institutional investors, foreign and local companies and banks on significant multi-million local deals and cross-border deals.

It has a demonstrated expertise in handling a broad range of transactions and procedures in financial and corporate as well as in various projects in a long list of industries.

Among its attorneys there are people educated in Georgian law as well as in US and EU laws.


Key clients

In financial and corporate work it advises BP, SOCAR, Airbnb, Tik-Tok, Uber, Pepsi bottlers in Georgia, Wizz Air, Philip Morris, Global Benefits Georgia, and DHL.

In project development, it works with EDF France, Enka Insaat, Clean Energy, Tata Group, Calik Energy, Pace Group, Scatec Solar ASA, Wings & Freeman Capital, Anaklia Development Consortium, BOUYGUES Travaux Publics, and Sade Companie Generale Des Travaux Hydroliques.


Research period review: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

During the last research period the firm has been active in corporate and M&A, capital markets, and project development. The clients list consists of mainly local companies and banks, institutional investors and, also, foreign clients with international multijurisdictional business presence. 

In banking and finance the firm worked on projects in project finance, financing from institutional investors. It advised both lenders and borrowers on cross-border transactions. 

It was particularly active in capital markets practice area, advising on bonds issue where bonds are secured by a portfolio pledge, green bonds, notes listing on the Irish Stock Exchange, equity financing, and on corporate matters. The firm acted for the broker in the securitized bonds issue, for the investor in an equity financing, and for local issuers in the rest of the capital markets deals. 

The firm had a prolific corporate and M&A practice. In almost all cases they advised the mainly foreign buyers and local sellers and worked on acquisitions of assets and shares in the following sectors: banking, oil and gas, energy, manufacturing. 

In project development the firm was active in real estate development, energy, on water and electricity utilities projects, oil and gas. The list of projects includes acquisition of immoveable property, land acquisition, drafting various sorts of agreements, ranging from power purchase agreements to transmission and dispatch, and construction agreements, tender procedure and other project-related legal and regulatory matters.


Deal highlights: 31st edition (2020/2021)  

JSC TBC Leasing $22 million bond issue

JSC Georgia Global Utilities $250 million green bond issue

JSC Georgia Capital $65 million bond issue

TBC Bank $50 million funding and $15 million funding

Transford $50 million financing


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Capital markets                                 

"They are reliable, sound, accurate, timely. Eurobonds are a rather complex product and they handled and delivered very efficiently with deep knowledge and ease of a professional (stemming perhaps also from their past experience on international capital market deals from Georgia)."


Project development                        

"Always ready to help. A highly qualified team led by the partner Giorgi Batlidze and senior associate Lasha Uplisashvili. "


Project development : Energy                                  

"One of BLC's positive sides are the professional colleagues. Our company's main field is the generation of electricity and BLC stands by us in every step and their knowledge in this field is on a high level."


Project development : Infrastructure                                   

"A certain experience in the area of the matters raised. Available to go beyond the first answers given to dig further, some more sophisticated points."

"Great professionalism - excellent command on sectoral legal framework - excellent command on international contract regulation - international mindset,"



"In-depth knowledge of the laws and its judicial precedences and the legal nous to navigate through; total 360 perspective; very analytical and anticipative of possible responses and reactions from the other actors."


Giga Batlidze    

"Client-oriented. Highly professional. Timely delivery."

"Giga is an excellent lawyer, deep and smart thinker, always punctual and responsive, good communication skills."


Giorgi Batlidze

"Giorgi is our go-to lawyer for any complex legal issue. He is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Eager to help. We consider him as our key competence partner."


Ketti Kvartskhava          

"Very well informed, intelligent and analytical."


Lasha Uplisashvili          

"Lasha is an excellent lawyer to work with. He has great knowledge and experience in our field, is easy to communicate with, always responds quickly to our requests and gives us advice."

"Swift responsiveness - high competency in his field - international approach - excellent communication skills."


Tamta Ivanishvili            

"Client-oriented. Highly professional. Timely deliveries."


BGI Legal

BGI Legal is a full-service law firm in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises domestic and international clients on a range of corporate transaction including banking, M&A and project development.


Key clients

Key clients include Apple, Facebook, Marriott International and YUM Restaurants Russia.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Bank lending: Borrower side

"Flexibility. Precise and timely answers to our inquiries. Always showing that they care."



"Excellent expertise, client-oriented relationship, easy and understandable communication."


Project development: Energy

"Quick response, thorough analyses and creativity."

"They provide good pieces of advice on the preparation of the charter and the partnership agreement while establishing the new LLC."


BLB is a commercial law firm established in Georgia in 1995.  


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm advises investors and large corporations in Georgia. It specializes in representing international financial institutions financing projects in Georgia. The firm partners with English law firm Tulloch & Co to provide English law advice to clients. 


Key clients 

Key clients include Microsoft, Sony, Warner Music Group and Porsche. 


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

Bank lending: Lender side 

"The firm was very fastaccurate, responsive and keen on details. They were able to opine swiftly, accurately and efficiently on all legal matters." 



"Fast-reacting, pragmatic, good business understanding." 



"BLB's experience of working with organisations similar to ours is an asset, BLB knowing specifics of the work and needs of international, non-profit organisations makes our cooperation more fruitful. Timely handling of deliverables and clear communication are both attributes of BLB." 


Project finance 

"They are super-responsive, finding the best solutions in a very effective manner. The team has exceptional qualifications and experience in the market."


Dentons is a global law firm that has had a presence in Georgia dating back to 1996.


Focusses / specialisms

In Georgia the firm advises large international corporations and banks as well as more regional companies on M&A, real estate, banking and projects among other corporate work.


Key clients

Key clients include JP Morgan, Motorola, Bank of Georgia, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Upclick Malta.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Bank lending: Lender side

"Fluent in English, very responsive and proactive, expertise in lending and Georgian public law/governmental matters."


Banking and finance

"Professional, knowledgeable, highly experienced."



"Quick responses. Detailed advice. Very pleasant professionals."



"Very professional, in-depth knowledge of the country's political system and O&G industry."


Project development

"Contracts by Dentons are the quality product."

"They respond fast, give clear answers and all supportive info and docs. Very flexible."

"They have expertise and experience in the field. Also, going into details of the assignment and fully clarifying our needs and interests."


Project development: Infrastructure

"We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the service provided by the lawyers of Dentons. Their timely responses and fruitful involvement in the negotiations with the contractor and local authorities has been invaluable in finalising the interim agreement."

EY Law

Large international law and tax firm, EY, has an office in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises on restructuring, large M&A transactions and other corporate matters with a focus on the alcoholic beverages industry.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Financial restructuring

"Work has been performed within the deadlines. Team expressed professional attitude towards the assigned job."


Project development

"The law firm is very client-oriented: manage to provide the result with high-quality and short terms."

"They were very professional in the specific FIDIC contract drafting and provided valuable advice."


Restructuring: Corporate

"Broad mind and useful, practical advice."

"Provided well-structured research and summary with good communication."

J&T Consulting

J&T Consulting was founded in Tbilisi in 2008. The firm employs staff that are fluent in Georgian, English, Russian, German and Turkish, and advises on matters of Georgian law.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises on corporate matters including M&A and project development.


McGill is a full-service law firm in Georgia. It was founded in 2009 under the name Eristavi Law Group. It employs over 20 staff across its two offices in Tbilisi and Batumi.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises local and international clients on Georgian law aspects of equity capital markets and M&A.

MG Law Office

MG Law is a full-service firm in Tbilisi, Georgia. The firm has lawyers qualified to practice Georgian, UK, US and Canadian law, and lawyers fluent in English, Russian, Georgian, French and Italian.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises on domestic and cross-border corporate transactions with expertise in energy and financial services.


Key clients

Key clients include JP Morgan Securities, Hyatt International, Baltic Business Development and Atlas Management Group.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)


"MG Law combines a detailed, intimate knowledge of Georgian legislation, court practice and market with a rare ability to work with international clients with professionalism and reliability."


MKD Law is a Georgian law firm that traces its origins to 1996. It is located in Tbilisi.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm provides local counsel on cross-border lending transactions and advises Georgian companies on a range of corporate matters.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Financial services regulatory

"The team of professionals, willing to provide needed support on time."

Nodia Urumashvili & Partners

Nodia Urumashvili & Partners is a Georgian law firm founded in 2005 in Tbilisi.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm advises primarily Georgian companies on a range of corporate matters and has expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Key clients

Key clients include Responsibility Investments and Swinkels Family Brewers.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)

Banking and finance

"They provide quick and accurate feedback, always available."


Financial services regulatory

"Providing professional assistance in the field of taxation in Georgia."


Project development

"They answer promptly all requests, clearly and well documented - they bring to our attention additional information in case it would change the project or the decisions."

Paine Stevens

Paine Stevens was founded in 2012 by an English solicitor in Tbilisi.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm specializes in providing English legal advice to companies in Central Asia and the Caucases region. The firm advises exclusively on English law but also partners with local law firms to provide a full range of corporate services to clients in the region.


Key clients

Key clients include Asian Development Bank.