Czech Republic

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Financial and corporate

Established in 2014, Badokh is a boutique firm with 35 lawyers based in Prague that is active across the financial and corporate space.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has a particular focus on restructuring and insolvency and is recognised for work in finance and M&A.


Key clients

The firm has advised clients in the banking sector, such as Komercni Banka and Raiffeisenbank, and a key clients in the energy industry is Bohemia Energy.


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

During the research period the firm was active in banking and finance, capital markets, M&A, projects and restructuring.

The firm advised both lenders and borrowers in refinancing transactions and advised lenders in real estate financing and export financing. 

In capital markets work the firm advised an issuer in a bond issue.  

The firm assisted on the buy side on acquisitions in the energy industry and advised on the sell and buy side of real estate industry deals. 

The firm advised in project development mandates, advising sellers in procurement and acquisition contracts. It also assisted the developer in the manufacture of a renewable energy production plant. 

In restructuring and insolvency the firm has been assisting on domestic and international transactions. It advised creditors and debtors alike, both in court and out of it. 

In terms of staffing changes partner Robert David left the firm in April 2019. 


Deal highlights: 30th edition (2019/2020)

APOS-AUTO restructuring 

Bohemia Energy acquisition of Amper Market 

CM financing 

EMTC group Insolvency 

Generali Real Estate acquisition of Palac Spork

L88 Investments Prague restructuring

OKD restructuring

Opatov Park financing

SEBRE acquisition of ERPET Center

Zoot €5.5 million 6.5% bond issue


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020)


“The professionalism of employees, who were customer oriented, reliable, competent and gave a thorough elaboration of details.”



“BADOKH has strong attributes in looking at problem/deal in a different angle of business look to find best solution and to avert potential harms. BADOKH are not only good lawyers, but as well business people.”


Private equity

“Fast-paced, very quick turnaround of draft documents in good quality, structured arguments during negotiations and open to compromise solutions.”


Real estate

“Accurate, concise advice provided quickly and at a reasonable price.”


Restructuring and insolvency

“Knowledgeable, professional, and smart”

“The professionalism of employees, who were customer oriented, reliable, competent and gave a thorough elaboration of details.”


Ivo Barta

“Extensive experience, very commercially minded, understands wider business matters. Responds quickly. Always ready to discuss and explain matters.”

“Excellent knowledge of the industry, excellent knowledge of legislation, professionalism and extensive experience”


Jakub Dostal

“Overall good cooperation - expertise, helpfulness, meet deadlines”


Ondrej Hampl

“Knowledge of real estate. Creativity in connection with finding a good solution of a deal for us.”

“Very pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. Pushes the deal through, open to compromise and creative problem-solving.”


Petr Kuhn

“Innovative, Experienced, Pro-active”

“Very client oriented, creative in finding solutions”



Established in 1990 in BBH is a Czech/Slovak firm with offices in Prague and Bratislava that are heavily integrated. In the Czech office the firm has 23 lawyers, nine of them partners.  


Focusses / specialisms

The firm’s banking team is generally active on regulatory mandates and advises the Czech National Bank in this respect. The firm also has experience on the borrower side of large acquisition finance deals, working for local or regional investors as borrowers.  

In the capital market area the firm – like most of the market active in this area – is typically seen on bond issues and more often on the issuer side. It is also notably one of the most experienced firms in Prague in the area of regulatory capital instruments issues, where it has done a good share of work for banks as issuers.

As one of the firms that works for several of the country’s largest investors, PPF in particular, the firm generally secures work on large Czech M&A deals.


Key clients

Key clients for the firm include CFH Prague, Citi Bank and the Czech National Bank and PPF.


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

During the research period the firm was active in banking and finance, capital markets, M&A and restructuring.

In lending transactions the firm usually advised borrowers on refinancing and restructuring debt. 

In capital markets mandates the firm assisted in the issue of bonds and investment certificates for issuers and advised arrangers in bond sales. It also advised on securitisations.

In M&A the firm advised sellers in the gaming, pharmaceuticals and electronic payments sectors. It also also advised investors in their corporate investments. 

The firm worked on behalf of creditors in insolvency and restructuring transactions in the construction sector, manufacturing, mining and power sectors. 


Deal highlights: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Air Banka €55.2 million bond issue 

Beinbauer €38 million financing 

Blox €52.2 million financing 

BOS €200 million financing 

Ceskomoravska projektova €55.2 million bond issue 

CFH Prague €33.8 million financing 

Facebook acquisition of Beat Games 

Neuraxpharm acquisition of Farmax 

OKD insolvency 

PPF Banka €350 million investment certificates issue  


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Capital markets: Debt

“Value for money, business oriented, flexible and responsive.”


Restructuring and insolvency

“Advice provided by the firm is always broad, precise and detailed. The firm has ability to conduct complicated proceedings and to review big volume of documents and information.”

“The firm is very good overall, but I would highlight their ability to come up with innovative solutions and the apply law in a business conscious manner.”


Petra Borkovcová

“Always provides high-quality consultation”


Robert Klenka

“Excellent profession in his field, able to assess issues and find solutions which fit the business of the client”


Tomas Sedlacek

“Business oriented, excellent communication skills, responsive”


CH Kališ & Partners

CERHA HEMPEL Kališ & Partners is the Czech branch of a large Austrian. Based in Prague, the firm was formed in January 2013 when Cerha Hempel merged with independent Kališ & Partners, a 2009 spin-off from DLA Piper.

The Prague team has around 20 legal professionals, including four partners. The firm’s international network also includes offices in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm is well versed in all areas of transactional work, focusing on banking and finance, M&A and restructuring mandates. It often works on international or pan European transactions. 


Key clients

The firm’s clients include FCC Česká republika and Czech Export Bank.


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

During the research period the firm was active in banking and finance, M&A and restructuring.

In the area of banking the firm advised borrowers on financing and acquisition financing, and worked with lenders on financing transactions. 

The firm assisted buyers and sellers on domestic and international mergers and acquisitions. The firm advised buyers and sellers in the acquisition of shares and asset transfers. 

In restructuring work the firm often assisted debtors in a wide range of industries on insolvencies and corporate reorganisations. 

In other news the firm rebranded in the Czech Republic to CERHA HEMPEL Kališ & Partners.


Deal highlights: 30th edition (2019/2020)

DKB €80 million acquisition of SES Spar European Shopping Centre

Elysian Capital €29 million acquisition of MERGON 

FCC Česká republika €1 million reverse factoring financing 

NAEK Energoatom €1 million financing

Reitknechtka €2 million acquisition of real estate

VEBA restructuring

Vítkovice Heavy Machinery restructuring

XXXLutz €35 million acquisition of Kika


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020)


“Fast, flexible, well oriented in the situation and reliable.”

“Very responsive and easy to deal with.”


Real estate

“Fast, flexible, well oriented in the situation and reliable.”


Restructuring and insolvency

“CERHA HEMPEL were much experienced in the area of restructurings and insolvencies and they confirmed their reputation in this case as well. They managed to connect the legal and economic aspect of this case and negotiate necessary support from the court, the creditors of VEBA and the investor which was very difficult because of their different interests. Lawyers at CERHA HEMPEL always take the economic aspect of the case very seriously and reflect it in their advisory which was of huge importance also in our case.”

“Very deep knowledge of Czech law and general practices that go beyond understanding the letter of the law. Very good knowledge of local market and great contacts. They have a very clear understanding of corporate finance and give great advice. Their advice is always practical and avoids litigation.”


Barbora Kábrtová

“Good attitude Fast response Deep analysis of problems Search counsel immediately when needed”


Jiří Prouza

Mr. Jiří Prouza was very supportive during the course of the transaction, even in very stressful situations. He was always able to advice us quickly and explain the actual matter and possible consequences in a very comprehensible way. Jiří also has strong economic knowledge which made the decision-making process much easier for us.

“Mr. Jiří Prouza proved to be very skillful lawyer in this area of law with its general knowledge. He was always able to provide us with useful advice which we understood perfectly. He managed to communicate with several different parties and successfully negotiate with them.”


Lukáš Srbecký

“Lukáš Srbecký was very professional all the time, flexible and able to discuss on various solutions to make the transaction happen.”

“Lukáš is very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. We cooperated with him on high-value M&A and real estate transaction, covering also financial matters. Lukáš showed his overall excellent skills in all areas. Lukáš is good negotiator, and has experience in drafting of complex transaction documentation. He was very prompt and concise during amendment of the documentation and solving of any problem that emerged during finalization of the project. With Lukáš on the other side of the table, the transaction went smooth in friendly tone.”

“Very dedicated to the legal tasks, knowing the problematic, knowing the law”


Matej Bolek

“Managed a challenging transaction in English, dealing with purchasers based in N. America”


Glatzova & Co

Established in 1994, Glatzova & Co has offices in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The firm has 32 lawyers, eight of which are partners.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has experience across banking and finance, capital markets, M&A, project development and restructuring and insolvency. It is best known for M&A and real estate sector work.


Key clients

The firm has advised industrial giants, such as Messer group, as well as important Czech banks, such as KBC Bank and CSOB. It has also advised private equity groups, such as Blossom Capital, CAIAC Fund, and DRFG.


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020)

During the research period the firm was active in banking and finance, capital markets, M&A and restructuring.

The firm advised borrowers and lenders in interim financing, syndicated lending, project financing and refinancing. It worked on multiple cross border transactions, advising on Czech aspects of law.

In capital markets the firm has advised on multiple bond issues, advising issuers and banks in their roles as arrangers.

In M&A the firm advised sellers and buyers in acquisitions and joint ventures in manufacturing, real estate, and payment solutions. It also advised private equity groups as well as advising targets on corporate investments.

In project development work the firm has advised developers in land acquisitions, the development of brown field sites, and on regulatory aspects. It advised clients in manufacturing, energy, and recycling sectors.


Deal highlights: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Arthur J Gallagher & Co investment in Renomia Group  

ČSOB / Mall Group joint venture  

DRFG €78 million bond issue

DRFG acquisition of Chytrý Honza 

Joyson Key Safety System Group $900 million and $300 million financings 

Messer Group €773 million and $157 million financings 

Pražské služby €64 million financing 

Smart Capital Group €185.6 million bond issue


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Investment funds

"Very fast, accurate and I think they are the best office in Czech Republic. I have decades of experience in the market and met dozens of law firms and Glatzova is the best."



"Managing the whole process including preparations of Data Room and at the same time to helping with negotiations, provide benchmarking and also helping to unite all the positions of existing Shareholders towards the transaction."

"Professional, precise and individual approach."

"As a counter party, the firm is very professional with deep legal knowledge, business acumen and practical approach."

"They are deal makers with the combination of understanding of business and legal expertise."

"Professionalism, business understanding."


Project development

"Overall, the level of service is high and consistent. I feel that we are getting premium care. It is greatly appreciated in our company that Glatzova & Co. is available at all times to provide reliable legal support. As a law firm, they cover all aspects of our business (having sufficient number of lawyers specialising in various areas), and at the same time, maintain two senior lawyers who have in-depth understanding of what is generally going on in our company. This is a key aspect which helps to secure continuity and integrity of legal solutions. What I personally value the most is their ability to deliver tailor-made solutions."


Real estate

"Professional services, tailored approach, state-of-the-art experience with complex M&A legal advisory. They are better than other competitors because they have the right mix of size and junior/senior staff, one of the best of counsels in the area of commercial and corporate law. Excellent in-house program with most senior associates starting their careers at the company as juniors/paralegals."


Erik Kolan

“Excellent transaction lawyer, has out-of-the-box thinking and understands how the law operates in b2b. Quickly gets the business rationale behind it, experienced negotiator that is able to close the deal.”


Jiri Sixta

“Real deal maker. Not only an experienced lawyer but more importantly a person with a business sense who is able to mitigate the risks and still make the deal. Able to handle difficult entrepreneurs.”


Libor Nemec

“Would recommend for simply everything- best lawyer in this country for financial services.”


Jindřich Pastrňá, Maria Piačková, Vladimíra Glatzová

“Top legal knowledge, understanding the transaction and the needs of all participants.”