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Financial and corporate
Raposo Bernardo

Raposo Bernardo is a full-service law firm with offices in Europe and Africa. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm has a particular focus on financial and corporate work and is actively assisting clients in banking and finance. 


Research period review: 32ndedition (2021/2022) 

During the research period the firm was busy with financial and corporate work. 

In banking, the firm's work focused on financings for clients in banking and financial services. 

In M&A the firm worked on acquisitions for acquirers. 

In project development the firm's work focused on assisting with projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors. 

In project finance the firm's work focused on financings for clients in the infrastructure sector. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Bank lending : Lender side 

"This firm offers great value for money through timely responses, profound industry knowledge, high availability and efficiency in providing legal advice. My overall assessment of the firm's work is very good, due to its high legal standards, that make us feel very comfortable whatever the problem may be. " 



"My opinion is very positive. They are an excellent law firm, very experienced, they know very well the local market and have a well-prepared team, composed of several lawyers." 

"The firm is extremely professional. Its strengths are its effectiveness and the results it can achieve. It always fulfills the objectives that we intend. It has excellent lawyers. It is proactive and completely dominates our sector of activity." 


Banking and finance 

"The firm's services have always been of the highest professionalism, rigour and attention to detail. My satisfaction rating is maximum. The qualities of this law firm in relation to all others that provide legal services in Cape Verde, whether local or foreign, are enormous. The firm is at a much higher level than all others. And this can be seen in all aspects and characteristics, such as: the quality of services, they are very competent and give us confidence in the solutions presented; they are quick to respond, they communicate better than everyone else; they are able to understand our needs in a way that other do not, and we always know that they are presenting us with the best and most accurate solution for the problem." 


Financial restructuring 

"One of the distinguishing marks of Raposo Bernardo is the capacity for innovation, which reflects a modern vision in the approach to matters and also the presentation through digital and electronic means. For us, complete adherence to the most advanced technological means in the provision of services is essential and Raposo Bernardo fulfills this requirement with distinction.  It is a law firm that completely adds value to our activity, surrounding itself with a team with exceptional qualities. Whatever the legal area our company is involved in, the level of services they provide us is always top." 


Financial services regulatory 

"This firm deserves the most gratefulness for the outstanding advice they provide us. We can count on their professionalism and dedication on every occasion, never failing our expectations, but always overcoming them. Absolute reliance on the legal support, the flawless planning in the results and timings defined, and on the full availability the team offers. Most pleased with the firm's work and will keep recommending them." 



"The positive attributes are immense, but I can highlight the ones that interest us the most, such as knowledge of the sector, a good authority among peers (it is very important), and the capacity to work in complex scenarios. As they are very experienced and have vast and very dedicated teams, they can easily put together a multidisciplinary team to respond to the most complicated matters. " 

"It is a firm 100% focused on delivering results to the client, much respected, that grants us an assuredness about their work clearly above the average. Our general opinion is that it is one of the best law firms in Cabo Verde, which has had tremendous growth and presents a great dynamic. Undoubtedly a great choice!"  


Project developmentEnergy 

"The team is 100% dedicated and goes the extra mile for us, technically very strong and very well supported locally. They make all the difference by getting the job done (well). Highly recommend these professionals and pleased to work with them for future projects." 


Project development Telecommunications networks 

"Our opinion of the firm is excellent, they have become experts in exceeding our expectations. It is a unique firm and distinguishes itself from the rest of the Cape Verde market by several qualities, including the excellent work they produce; the quality of legal advice, with depth; the capacity for innovation and the way they give a fresh air to matters; their technical knowledge of the telecommunications sector and everything that surrounds it; their permanent availability, whatever the time; the security and seriousness of the advice; and the prestige in the market." 


Project developmentTransport 

"This firm offers great value for money through timely responses, profound industry knowledge, high availability and efficiency in legal advising. My overall assessment of the firm's work is as good as a law firm can have, due to its high legal standards that make us feel very comfortable whatever the problem may be. Moreover, the legislation process demands systematic insight and close follow up of the evolution within the sector, and only a team that understands this industry is capable of such appropriateness of advice." 


Project finance 

"This is the law firm of our company and therefore I know very well their work. I use their services in my area of intervention, although I also know their practice in other areas outside of my department. From my side, the firm has shown its capacity mainly in project finance, supporting in financing for infrastructures and telecom projects and, in many cases, involving consortiums of great dimension, etc. They have a very strong team in terms of quality of legal service and firm culture. You can see that the lawyers are very connected, they have the same philosophy although with a great diversity, which is great. You realise that everybody identifies with the same principles, which gives us an idea of stability and safety." 

"Great know-how on all legal matters, which has no comparison with any law firm in Cape Verde. The security in the advice they provide. Their credibility and guarantee of the quality of the services provided. We know that we have an immediate answer. They also have a very large team, with many legal specializations, dedicated solely to Cape Verde. Their long experience in the largest businesses and operations in the country gives them an unparalleled position. And also the credibility of being considered the best law firm in Cape Verde for many years." 


Julio Martins Junior 

"He has consistently been demonstrated to be very important in our projects, someone who outlines the pros and cons of any legal solution immediately after having been briefed. We like his work, showing incredible attention to detail, and he has strong academic skills and vast experience. He is an extraordinary and proactive lawyer that is able to provide a simple and straightforward advice even in difficult issues, proving daily to have a solid legal background in several practice areas, which is not common at all. " 

"I've worked with Julio for several years. He is a very well-prepared and experienced lawyer in our sector of activity. It gives us a lot of confidence and security in all operations. In addition, he is always available and responds quickly to our requests." 

"I highlight his strong personality, his leadership spirit, the ability to bring others to his position, which benefits us as client, and the ability to defend our position. 
Julio is a top professional, knows very well how to evaluate the client's needs and always responds in a way that surprises us with the good results." 

"He is very solid in his knowledge basis, a real expert in corporate practice that enables him to put together the recommended solution exactly according to what has been planned." 

"He is an excellent lawyer. It is in meetings with third parties, whether in a first approach or during the course of the projects, that the ability to argue and the technical competence is best understood. He dominates the process. It is in these moments that his qualities stand out the best." 

"Julio is the best lawyer in Cape Verde, very confident, very intelligent, very quick to think and to work. He knows our legal system like no one else. 
He has unparalleled global legal knowledge, a true expert in numerous areas, a great asset to the most complex matters, known for being a great negotiator and highly respected." 

"I believe that he is the best Cape Verdean lawyer, he has no equal and deserves to be highlighted with that status. He has a very modern law practice, is very efficient, always up to date and has an overall vision that gives us a lot of security. He is very focused on delivering results and overcoming difficulties of a project. On the other hand, he knows very well all the legislation related to our activity. " 

"He is of an unparalleled quality, the Cape Verdean lawyer who currently gives greater guarantees for more demanding and complex operations. He has the advantage of having access to the most important businesses that circulate in Cape Verde and of being a lawyer for the most relevant foreign companies, which gives him experience that others do not have access to.He is one of the safest and capable lawyers I know." 

"He is an excellent lawyer. He is very familiar with complex situations, a connoisseur of all legal matters in various areas. He is highly respected in the market as a key leader of his firm in Cabo Verde. He is very practical and focused on results. He is someone easy to talk and always available. He provides answers in a timely manner and is used to working in both English and Spanish language." 

"We work with him and the experience has exceeded our expectations when compared with other lawyers we have worked in the past. He has full experience in advising on public procurement rules and terms of reference and privatisation programmes, supporting us in assembling the correspondent proposals and representing us in the public sessions. But the value of his advice is best measured in the negotiation process – he has tremendous ability and know-how, bringing the advantage in our favour, and such performance must be rated with maximum score." 

"He is fantastic lawyer. He has an unusual capacity for work, is quite zealous in presenting us with results, never gives up even in matters that seem lost, and is quite innovative, sometimes with bursts of genius. He is very sophisticated and intelligent." 

"He is a special lawyer, a very clever, skillful negotiator and used to great operations, he has a sophistication which isn’t normally found in national advocacy. He has a mind built for an international law firm. He is very aware of all legal matters and usually anticipates the problem. He is one of my favourites. " 


VPQ - Vera Patrícia Querido and Associados

VPQ (Vera Patrícia Querido Associados) was founded in 2021. The firm is integrated into the Morais Leitão Legal Circle international network and has an office in Praia. 



The firm has a particular focus on power projects. 

SSA Advogados

SSA Advogados is the only member of VdA Legal Partners in Cape Verde. The office is led by Sumila Santos.



The firm has a particular focus on investment deals.


Key clients

Key clients include AGMVM – Securities Market Audit Office, Cabo Verde Telecom, Government of Cabo Verde, Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Sacyr Somague.


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022)


“We consider VDA’s work very satisfactory in terms of the final results we have been achieving. We positively appreciate the methodology used by them, the degree of interaction with us in terms of the processes as well as their frank dialogue with us.”