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Solicitors governing body: The Qualification Commission of the Chamber of Advocates

Competition authority: State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition

Financial regulator: Central Bank of Armenia

IFLR1000 ranking categories in this jurisdiction:

Financial and corporate

Jurisdiction overview

Armenia’s legal system follows the European civil law model. Lawyers, who work on contracts and transactional work, must hold at least undergraduate degrees in law. Meanwhile, aspiring advocates, prosecutors and judges receive additional specialised training. To qualify to handle civil cases, an advocate must also gain a license by becoming a member of the Chamber of Advocates, which requires a minimum of five years’ work in the legal field and passing a bar exam.

With the exception of legal teams from professional services groups, international firms do not have a presence in Armenia and carry out their work through the co-operation of domestic lawyers. Firms such as Arlex International and International Legal Consulting (ILC) were among the first to use US qualified attorneys to provide services for foreign corporate investors in the late 1990s. Other firms including Concern Dialog Law Firm, K&P Law Firm and Legelata developed their corporate practices in the mid-2000s as local work increased. Recently, newer local firms are increasingly being seen on large transactions with Adwise Business & Legal Consulting and Investment Law Group two examples.

Armenian lawyers often provide a full range of financial and corporate advice rather than specialising. On the transactional side, domestic banking and M&A work are the most common forms of financial and corporate work for the country’s leading firms. Company incorporation matters, country-specific due diligence and regulatory advice also tend to be common tasks for local firms. Work within the energy, mining and technology sectors is on the rise in the jurisdiction.

Financial and corporate
TK & Partners

Founded in 2002, TK & Partners is a leading Armenian firm based in Yerevan.


Focusses / specialisms

TK & Partners is active across the financial and corporate space and experienced in lending work. 

The firm’s regular work includes a mix of mergers, advising real estate investment funds, and working for international financial institutions on lending to local banks. 

The firm is active within the projects space, notably appearing for developers in PPP mandates.


Key clients

Some of the recent key clients of the firm include Ardshinbank, Société de Promotion et de Participation pour la Coopération Economique and Triodos Investment Management.


Research period review: 30th edition (2019 / 2020)

During the research period in banking and finance work the firm advised lenders in subordinated loan financing.

In capital markets work the firm notably advised Ardshinbank in the issuance of eurobonds. 

In corporate restructuring work the firm advised a mobile service provider on the reorganisation of the company to a closed joint stock company. It also advised on legal due diligence for investment in a media company. 

Recent staffing changes saw Gevorg Poghosyan, a junior partner in financial and corporate, left the firm in the research period. 


Deal highlights: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Ardshinbank $300 million eurobond issue


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020)

Capital markets : Debt

“Deep knowledge of regulatory environment and understanding of business processes.”


Project development

“They are time efficient, understand fully our concerns and directions, and are able to work in response to our needs.”

“TK & Partners are professionals of their work. You provide them with a task and they do it for you up to your highest satisfaction, while keeping you fully updated on every stage and detail but without imposing and without taking much of your time.”

“Professionalism and good care.”

“In any given situation, the team clearly provided available options along with advantage and risk for each one, so we are able to do an informed choice. Having French as a working language along with English is also a big plus.”


Project finance

“Support greatly with regulatory, filing, highly organised and proactive. They are efficiency focused and use a high standard of technology.”


Alexander Khachaturyan

“Sharp, well spoken, elegant and of course intelligent professional.”

“All what I mentioned in the previous pages. We rely on him and his Team and they fully deliver our expectations without much of the fanfare. He is great!”

“Advice and solutions.”


Misak Babajanyan

“Getting value added to our thinking and mould it in the legal way.”


Varoujan Avedikian

“Highly organised and proactive. Comes up with innovate solutions.”