Yuen Law


IFLR1000 Reviews

Financial and corporate

Established in 2012, Yuen Law is a local boutique under the leadership of managing director Samuel Yuen.


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is noted for its corporate and M&A capabilities.


Key clients  

Clients include Cap Vista, Realtech Holdings, and City State Group.


Research period review: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

The firm acted on a high volume of deals for both buyers and sellers across a range of sectors.

The firm expanded its team with the addition of Kevin Chua as a director from Collyer Law.


Deal highlights: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

Cap Vista $1.4 million acquisition of a stake inTranscelestial

Cocoon Capital acquisition of a stake in Augmentus

Real Tech Holdings acquisition of a stake in Shiok Meats

Xanadu Surf and Yoga $1.35 million fund raising


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021) 


"Hands-on team approach. The managing partner, Samuel Yuen, headed the team of lawyers who advised us. His team was very upfront and candid, and also offered very good and prudent legal advice. They were always contactable despite the difficulties that Covid presented with."

"Knowledge and understanding the transaction and identifying the risks to address the same prudently. "

"Proactively advise on the process and documentation to complete the acquisition."

"Quick to respond. Associates quickly attend to us. Then send in the right team of people. Prompt. Able to study agreements and give feedback."

"They were very proactive and provided insightful advice on the way ahead for the investment. They were able to assimilate various sources of information, have a holistic appreciation of the situation, and provide critical inputs that facilitated us in achieving our objectives of investment."

"Yuen Law was very prompt in their responses and they made sure to incorporate all of our requirements and instructions clearly and concisely in the drafting of the sales agreement. The lawyer Ms Su Myat was also very patient in explaining various legal terms and helping us to understand the timelines of our actions at every stage of the sale."

"Law firm is very thorough and professional, providing a non-legal person with a clear understanding of all the legal issues pertaining to sales of my shares to a new investor. Response time to queries was excellent."


Project development

"Midway through the debt financing, the law firm had to organise a scheme to issue anti-dilution shares, which had to take into account two competing schools of thought from the board and feedback from the financiers. The law firm accommodated when needed and was able to negotiate a way forward. The firm was diligent and reachable at all times."

"The lawyer assigned to me was very detailed and helpful in explaining the terms and conditions of the contract. In addition, she advised me on the best practices for such contract and to include clauses that would be beneficial and to protect me."


Restructuringand insolvency

"Management is able to provide preliminary good insights and good advice over Zoom. Prices are on good, affordable and competitive level. Action and email by firm is relatively swift. Able to explain to client patiently with competent and professional knowledge during the process."


Michelle Chan

"Detailed; knowledgeable; patient and friendly."

"Michelle Chan is very approachable at all times. She is professional at all times and articulates the problem at hand even with competing schools of thought among the board. She is very busy, remains contactable at short notice and sets priorities to meet deadlines."

"She is responsive; is able to grasp the underlying issue and context well. Hence, she is able to provide constructive feedback quickly to meet our requirements."


Su Myat Htun


"Su Myat Htun was very professional and patient in explaining the various legal terms and clauses in the sales agreement to my elderly parents, as well as providing clear instructions on every stage of the sale process. She was also very good at completing the various draft revisions within a tight schedule so that we can meet the sale completion deadline by November 1st 2020, even though we had only engaged Yuen Law's services in October 2020. Overall Su Myat was very positive and helpful to us."


Sharon Li

"Sharon is responsive, patient and helpful. She has good knowledge and is willing to help after office hours. "


Joyslyn Long


"Clear explanation of legal issues in the sales and purchase agreement; and advising and redrafting of clauses of the agreement."


Samuel Yuen

"Frank and upfront. Dependable. Able to offer good third party advice. Approachable. Goes out of the way even after hours to answer calls."

"He is mostly smiling, positive. The output is mostly words of encouragement and positiveness. Well connected and can refer to other services."