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A. Wu Jingjing Senior Partner

  • Advising a client on its RMB 10 billion ABS offering through a shelf offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which was popular among investors, and the coupon interest rate set another record low for lease ABS offerings.
  • Advising a SOE on its US$ 1.26 billion purchase of four aircraft from a financial leasing company and execution of the lease renewal agreement with the lessees, a state-owned airline and a privately-owned airline, to become the new lessor.  This is one of the first asset package transaction projects to go through the corresponding customs registration procedures in accordance with Tianjin Customs’ Announcement No. 1 of 2019.
  • Acting as PRC counsel to underwriters, BOC International Asia Limited, Haitong International Securities Co., Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited, DBS Bank Ltd. and Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC, to assist  the client’s overseas subsidiary in successfully pricing and issuing US$ 400 million overseas bonds on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 28 over a 5-year period at a coupon interest rate as low as 2.5%, which marked the client's first entry into the international capital market.

B. Bailey Xu Senior Partner

  • Advising, a leading Chinese home improvement Internet company, and the investment fund set up by it on its strategic investment in a listed company to become its second largest shareholder. Services provided include deal structuring, drafting and revision of transaction documents, negotiations, fund establishment, exit arrangements, etc.
  • Advising Yunnan Hongta on its registration to become a PE fund manager.
  • Representing Baosteel Metal in performing on-site due diligence on its subsidiaries across the country and providing legal services such as drafting contracts, conducting negotiations, and issuing legal opinions.
  • Advising SIIC Green Energy Phase I Equity Investment Fund (Shanghai) Partnership (Limited Partnership) on its establishment of an investment entity and its joint establishment of a special fund for the PV industry in cooperation with Yunnan Provincial Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. 

C. Frank Qu Senior Partner

  • Advising Ningbo Yinzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. on its issuance of two bonds: a RMB 500 million special financial bond for innovation and entrepreneurship (March 2019) and a RMB 2.5 billion financial bond for loans to SMEs (December 2019). The company rating and bond rating of these two financial bonds are both AA+.
  • Accepting the engagement of Guangdong Yuecai Trust Co., Ltd.  to act as legal advisor to the RMB 2.777 billion Yuecai-Tailong Micro No. 11 Credit Asset Property Rights Trust project, upon the recommendation of Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Accepting the engagement of China Resources Shenguotou Trust Co., Ltd. to act as legal advisor to the RMB 1.711 billion Runtai Micro No. 12 Credit Asset Property Rights Trust project, upon the recommendation of Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. 
  • Accepting the engagement of Yunnan International Trust Co., Ltd. to act as legal advisor to the Xintai Series 2020 Phase I ABN project, for which the client successfully received a Notice of Acceptance of Registration with a registered amount of RMB 5 billion from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors.
  • Representing Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A in submitting derivative transaction contracts, ISDA agreements and credit support documents to the Bank of China.

D.Wang Weidong Senior Partner

  • Representing Anxin Property Insurance Co., Ltd. in handling a RMB 260 million guarantee insurance dispute arising from the business of "using a home to secure a loan".
  • Representing Anxin Property Insurance Co., Ltd. in handling a RMB 480 million guarantee insurance dispute arising from the business of “using a car to secure a loan”. Under this business, the total amount of the loans for which Anxin Property Insurance provided guarantee insurance coverage is RMB 6 billion.
  • 协助上海中路(集团)有限公司处理追偿权纠纷诉讼,标的额达数千万元。
  • Representing Shanghai Zhonglu (Group) Co., Ltd. in handling a lawsuit concerning a dispute over recovery rights, involving tens of millions of Renminbi.


E. Summit F. Chen Senior Partner

  • Advising Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. on its proposed application for registration and issuance of two phases of perpetual MTNs (RMB 3.2 billion). The lead underwriter for Phase I was Bank of China Limited, and the lead underwriter for Phase II was China Construction Bank Corporation. Summit’ legal term was entrusted by the client to assist it to complete this issuance project.
  • Advising SAIC Maxus Automotive Co., Ltd. on its RMB 5 billion syndicated loan project. This project is a major financing project of SAIC Maxus Automotive Co., Ltd.
  • Advising a listed power company on its RMB 23.5 billion acquisition of the equity interest in the 7,138 MW PV and wind power plants under the Spain-based Zero-E Group during the early stage of the project.

F. Jason Cheng Senior Partner

  • Representing Shandong Bohui Group Co., Ltd. in completing the conversion from the originally planned sale of Bohui Paper and related assets to the sale of the entire Bohui Group and finally completing the sale of the entire group based on a huge transaction value of RMB 7.8 billion. This transaction involved a wide range of industries, a large number of companies, and complicated deal arrangements. It involved legal services in many fields such as fight for control of the listed company, tender offers, and antitrust filings.
  • Advising Bank of Communications Financial Assets Investment Co., Ltd. affiliated to one of the top five domestic debt-to-equity swap implementation institutions on its RMB 1 billion debt-to-equity swap project implemented in respect of Yunnan Phosphate Group Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Jianxin Financial Assets Investment Co., Ltd.

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