Kim & Chang acted as counsel for LG Energy Solution in its IPO to list its shares on the Korea Exchange's KOSPI Market.

LG Energy Solution is one of the global leaders in the rechargeable battery industry with production and R&D networks around the world.

As issuer’s counsel for the IPO, Kim & Chang has provided comprehensive legal advice and related services to LG Energy Solution that are essential and incidental to the transaction including but not limited to: (i) review of the company’s corporate governance in anticipation of becoming a public company, including its articles of incorporation and other internal policies and regulations; (ii) review of regulatory matters pertaining to a listed company and the related industries, such as the Korean Commercial Code, the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act and the KRX regulations and provision of comprehensive legal advice and practical suggestions to resolve any potential and present issues for the success of the IPO; (iii) review of the agreements and contracts for the execution of the public offering and the listing including the firm commitment underwriting agreement (that governs the entire offering of the IPO shares both inside and outside Korea) and the international underwriting agreement (that concerns the overseas tranche of the offering and addresses more specific issues related therewith) to provide the related legal advice and assist the agreement negotiations; and (iv) review and/or drafting of documents used for the offering, such as the securities registration statement filed in Korea and the offering circular used for the international tranche of the offering and participation in the related due diligence.