Announcement Date: 02.11.2020
Closing Date: 02.11.2020
Confidential: NO
Type of Transaction: ACQUISITION

Synopsis of the Deal:

VdA advised DOCASAL INVESTIMENTOS, LDA., a company incorporated under Portuguese Law, which is controlled by Cristina Ferreira, on the purchase of 2,112,830 shares, representing 2.5% of the share capital of Grupo Media Capital, SGPS, S.A., which is quoted on the stock exchange and is the largest media group in Portugal.

This acquisition took place within the sale by Vertix, SGPS, S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. of its shareholding (representing 64.47%) in Grupo Media Capital SGPS, S.A., which was carried out through independent block trade transfers of the shares with a plurality of investors.

VdA’s assistance involved the negotiation of the contractual documentation and the assistance with the signing and the closing of the transaction, the preparation of filings to the Portuguese Securities Market Commission, as well as other regulatory matters.

Target: Grupo Media Capital, SGPS. S.A. which is the largest media group in Portugal.

It owns TVI with its TVI, TVI24, TVI Fiction, TVI Reality, TVI Africa and TVI International channels reaching over 10 million Portuguese speakers worldwide through its news, entertainment and fiction; MCR, the leading radio group in Portugal, which includes Rádio Comercial, M80, Cidade, SmoothFM and VodafoneFM and 14 digital radios; Media Capital Digital, with over 390 million visits to the group's websites and 8 million followers on social networks, including IOL, the second largest national portal, and TVI Player; Plural Entertainment one of the largest Iberian audiovisual production companies (winner of two International Emmys Awards in 2010 and 2018), as well as EMAV, a company providing technical and image capture services, and EPC, a set building and design company, both operating with various players in the national and European markets. [information on Media Capital website]

Target Industry: MEDIA
Country of Target: Portugal
Sellers (%) – Country: Portugal
Purchaser/Investor (%) – Country: Portugal
Deal Value (in local currency): Below USD 5M
Financial Advice: N/A
Legal Advice: Adviser (Parties Advised):
Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados, S.L.P. – Advised Seller

VdA Team Involved:

  1. Paulo Trindade Costa (Partner, M&A)
  2. Samuel Fernandes de Almeida (Partner, Tax)
  3. José Pedro Fazenda Martins (Partner, B&F)
  4. Orlando Vogler Guiné (Managing Associate, B&F)
  5. Ana Duarte Silva (Senior Associate, M&A)

Due Diligence: Virtual Data Room Provider: N/A

Additional Advisers: Adviser (Parties Advised): N/A

Press Release / Links:

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