Lexcel Partners


10th Floor, 111, Sec. 1
Dun Hua South Road
Taipei, 106



Key contacts:

Member: Echo Yeh
Member: Sue Su
Member: Mike Lu

Our firm recruits topline legal experts with master or higher degree in law and business. Our professions are equipped with different expertise and valuable experiences in local and international cases which allow us to provide needed insights and services to enterprises in all areas, especially in financial and corporate investment, mergers and acquisitions, securities issuance and transaction, asset management, labor and employer schemes, foreign investment, public construction, disputes and public policies.

We are proud of being able to provide local service with international vision, a service that is tailor-made and practical. Our clients include well-known local and global institutions, corporations and listed companies. On a case by case basis, we also work closely with foreign law firms, accounting firms and financial consultants upon the need of the clients. Diligence, professionalism, innovation, efficiency and integrity are the values we strive for in everything we do.

Lexcel Partners is also committed to charities as we believe that law must serve the society. We participate in various charity programs and in addition to the programs, we expect our people to spend no less than 100 hours a year in pro bono activities, which include but not limited to teaching, community services and free legal services to the need.