Fakhry Tower, L 8
Prince Saud Al Faisal St- Al Rawdah Dest
Jeddah 22233
Saudi Arabia

+ 966 92000 4626

+ 966 (0) 12 6069190

Key contacts:

MCBD Manager: Huda AlKhodari

Quick facts:

Number of lawyers: 30
Number of partners: 6
Languages: Arabic, English, French

For over three decades, we have been serving the diverse legal needs of dynamic​ regional businesses from our head office in Saudi Arabia, which has positioned our​ firm today as one of the leading private legal practices across Saudi Arabia and​ the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).​

​Whilst we operate from our five offices located across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, our regionally and internationally qualified teams have extensive experience working on complex, high-value transactions and contentious disputes for​ large, listed businesses, government entities, owner-managed firms, and private clients across the wider region, along with working on multi-jurisdiction deals and litigations.​

​Our innovative spirit, coupled with our dedication to delivering exceptional quality services, has enabled our firm to attract and retain a committed, diverse panel of legal experts and professionals who have supported our clients to navigate challenges whilst leveraging​ industry and market opportunities relating to regulatory development, technology, innovation, and new-age initiatives.​

​Whilst we are corporate in dynamic, we have retained our legacy value of entrepreneurial spirit, which has enabled our firm to take a leading position with owned managed businesses and private clients, which has resulted in some of the regions largest and notable brands relying on our firm to support them with their legal needs.​

​As regional economies continue to diversity and emerge, our firm is well-positioned to leverage the new opportunities on the horizon while supporting our clients to navigate the implications for their industry and business.

  • M&A
  • Private equity
  • Islamic finance
  • Capital markets: Equity
  • Banking
  • Investment funds

Finance Practice
Abdulrahman Hammad

  • Banking
  • Construction and materials
  • Financial services
  • Media
  • Oil and gas
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Tech and telecoms
  • Real estate
  • Pharm and life sciences

Fakhry Tower, L 8,
Prince Saud Al Faisal St- Al Rawdah District, Jeddah
Saudi Arabia

T: +966 (0) 920004626
T: +966 (0) 12 606-9190


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